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Duluth Warriors Ice Hockey is a federally registered and approved 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, operating under Federal Tax ID number 32-0331684

Our Mission

The Duluth Warriors Ice Hockey Program has been organized for charitable and educational purposes, for wounded, injured or otherwise disabled veterans of the United States Military in conjunction with the USA Disabled Hockey Program, in order to assist our veterans with reintegration into civilian life.

Our Vision

The program educates, trains, motivates and encourages individuals who have physical or mental disabilities incurred during service to the United States, to participate in the sport of ice hockey in an environment that is adapted to the level of ability of the participating athlete, as well as assist veterans with disabilities and to promote awareness of challenges our veterans face and to encourage team building.

The program uses the game of hockey to build camaraderie and a sense of community, as well as a connection to the community that supports them. In addition, it assists veterans with disabilities in developing self-confidence and to assist in helping participants back into mainstream lifestyle they were accustomed to prior to their disabilities, that will help the individual be more successful both within and outside a hockey environment.

Duluth Warriors program types:

All are non-check

Standing hockey/Amputee/Disabled Vets.

Standing hockey/Standing Amputee/Disabled Veteran hockey is a variation of the sport of Ice hockey. The player is able to skate via traditional mode or the player is injured or the player uses a prosthetic device to mount an ice skate or hockey stick to their body as an adaptive approach to continue playing the sport.

Sled Hockey

Sled hockey is a sport designed for individuals who have physical damage to the lower extremities of their body. This adaptive equipment gives the players the ability to get back on the ice.

Criteria to Join the Warriors

If you're a Veteran and you fit one or more of the criteria below please contact us (A Purple Heart is not a requirement; however, documented disability related to service is).

  • Purple Heart Recipients
  • Service Connected Disabled Veterans
  • Veterans with Documented Injuries incurred while on duty
  • Veterans with documented mental health issues to include but not limited to PTSD and or MDD

If you fit the criteria above, this team welcomes:

  • Veterans from all branches of the military
  • Male and Female
  • No hockey experience required

What do you need?

The Warriors supplies all players with the following items free:

  • Ice Time (from the Duluth Heritage Sports Center)
  • Gear (Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, breezers, shin pads, socks and jerseys)
  • Sleds and sticks for our sled players

You will also need to fill out our registration and once accepted you register with USA Hockey (this is a $40 fee you pay) and supply your own stick and skates.

Most of all supply your commitment and passion.

Generous Donors